Even for the Liberal Democrats this one takes the biscuit

Lynne Featherstone
a moron as spotted on wikipedia

I seem to keep saying “I don’t do politics here” and then writing about politics … so here I go again.

The local Liberal Democrats (for US readers think ‘liberal republicans’) have just leafleted the street urging people to protest about (Labour-led) Haringey council‘s “wrong priorities” in spending £3.3 million on 4,500 computers.

Apparently this budgeting of  £733 a computer constitutes “splashing out” and is money that should be spent on “frontline services”.

Do these morons think there are any “frontline services” that do not rely on computers? Do they think out public servants should be using pen and paper to communicate? (Actually, many of them do – I attended a meeting with my local Lib Dem MP, Lynne Featherstone at her party’s conference where speaker after speaker argued just that.)

Of course the real cheek is that the Lib Dems attack Labour for cuts at all – the Lib Dems are in government and support a 20% cut in the real level of public financial support for local authorities.


OK, rant over – but this sort of cretinism ranks with anti-science in my book.


2 responses to “Even for the Liberal Democrats this one takes the biscuit”

  1. The phrase “liberal Republican” was not an oxymoron back when I was a kid, but in the current political climate in the US, the set of “liberal Republicans” is empty. (I think the true believers hunted them all down.) The set of moronic politicians in the US, however, is quite robust.

    1. I take the point. I suppose I was trying to convey they were not, generally, on the left. To be honest I was just annoyed when I wrote that.

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