Roy Spencer – a thought

Roy Spencer – the former NASA employee who wrote the paper that has now led to the resignation of the editor of Remote Sensing also obviously fancies himself as an economist and has a book out: FUNDANOMICS: The Free Market, Simplified

Of it, he says (his emphasis):

Best-selling author Roy W. Spencer looks at the fundamental driving force that propels a society to ever higher levels of prosperity, generation after generation: People having the freedom to provide as much stuff as possible to each other that is needed and wanted…no matter what that stuff happens to be. Everything else in economics is details.

Speaking entirely personally, I don’t think giving the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a big lump of fissionable uranium – even though I know they want it very much and are likely to pay top dollar – is going to propel me or anybody else to “ever higher levels of prosperity”.

For a book that purports to tell one of the “fundamentals” of economics that looks to me like a fundamental flaw.

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