Coming close to the end

Shows the kernel's role in a computer.
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Suddenly, the writing phase of my MSc project feels close to the end.

It’s not over by any means – I have a whole substantial section to write on experimental results and then another stating why the two main sets of experiments had similar (negative) results. But the end is visible.

That is actually a bit scarey. Because while the writing goes on it is possible to think “I can smooth that contradiction out later” – now later is getting close to now.

Actually, the remarkable thing so far is how coherent it all feels. Ten days ago, my results in the notebook seemed to be little more than a collection of random numbers produced by equally random software patches. But that was, it is now clear, mainly panic driven – actually I seemed to have approached the experimental phase in a reasonably sensible and rational way.

It is quite reassuring to discover you are not an idiot after all!

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