Email: the first social medium

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I have written about what I see as a crisis of survival of email before – I do so from the heart because email is still my favourite social medium (read John Naughton in A Brief History of the Future to understand why).

Being on holiday with the kids has, though, re-enforced my fears for the future of this communication means – as it meant listening to the repeated ‘pling’ of a Facebook conversation: my daughters both have email addresses but make little use of them. I doubt they have ever rationalised why, though I know my eldest did give up when her first account was overwhelmed with spam (plainly because her address was sold or passed on by ‘legitimate’ mailing lists she signed up to).

So, it is enormously heartening to read that email plays an important part in the internal life of Microsoft. Even if you are not a Microsoft fan read the article, it is full of insights about the company works and thinks.

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