Holiday all but over

London by SPOT Satellite
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So, back to work tomorrow.

Been back in London for 24 hours now, having returned to make sure we were here for the eldest’s GCSE results. Turned out to be un-needed as she sailed through them (not that I ever doubted it): even getting a B grade in an exam – Chemistry – she was convinced she’d failed.

I have made a lot of progress with the MSc project report (at least in my mental map of what it will look like when completed), so that is good too. Lost just over a day in a panic about s0ome results I had which seemed to cast doubt on the correctness of the software I had written – essentially it looked as though it was not plotting a substantial part of the memory accesses of programs under test, until I realised it was all correct and I had just set some of the graph parameters badly: this late the day I do not quite know what I would have done it had indeed been all wrong.

The MSc cast a bit of a pall on the holiday (for me – the rest of the family enjoyed themselves without a problem) – but now I am making progress with the write-up that seems not so bad.

The single moment highlight? Getting to see M13 on a dark clear night (Saturday?) – the air was still enough that individual stars seemed were visible (though the ripples in the air could also be seen). I know it is a bit of a cliche as these things go, but it is still magnificent.

Same night I also used the “goto” technology on the mount to pick up M5 – which (unlike M13) I had never seen before.

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