The most expensive computer I ever bought

This item has reminded me that the most expensive computer I ever bought was an Amstrad 386 machine – with 1MB of RAM and a 40MB hard disk for £1000 for the late-great Morgan Computers shop on New Oxford Street in, I think, 1991.

At today’s prices that is about £1700 and back then Lorraine and I had to take a loan out to afford it – repaid over two years. Lorraine was desperate to get it to write her masters dissertation on it (twenty years ahead of me) – on police policy on domestic violence.

The thing was, its hardware bus (ISA) was very broken and when I attempted to install a bigger disk and a SCSI card to run the beta of Windows NT in 1993, it wouldn’t work at all. Then I upgraded to a 486SX 25MHz job with, eventually, 32MB of RAM. It cost about £750 in today’s money and by then we were both earning enough to afford it without taking out a special loan.

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