The end of Linux Journal

Linux Journal has “gone digital” – but to me that just means it is over. No more copies on any bookshop shelf means no more one-off purchases. Of course I could read it on my phone or Android tablet: but why would I want to do that? I cannot flick back and forth or ripple through the pages looking for an article that I could reasonably expect to read between Caledonian Road and Holborn.

I used to have a subscription to the magazine – took out a two year one in late 2005 when I got a new job and the sterling exchange rate was in my favour. But towards the end of the subscription the issues started to go unopened as there was less and less in the magazine that interested me anyway – as Linux‘s commercial success increased but the advertising market dried up, they moved away from things that interested developers.

So I won’t miss it much in any case.


2 responses to “The end of Linux Journal”

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  2. I like Kyle Rankin a lot. Like you, less and less of the interesting stuff I am looking for in the last few months.
    They must have screwed I lot to get off the shelves.

    Too bad.
    I am out.

    Any worthed linux mag I should look at first?

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