My first R program

Having used Groovy (which makes the scripting environment feel familiar) and some Scheme (via Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs), R does feel completely alien, but it still feels like a steep learning curve.

But here’s my short script –

unpatched <- read.csv("~/unpatched.txt")
unpatchcons <- transform(unpatched, realm=realm*60 + reals)
plot(size, realm, log="y")
abline(reg=linelog, untf=TRUE, col="blue",lty=3)

And here’s the graph (of Linux kernel compile times) it generates – the blue line is obviously a very bad fit!

Linux kernel compile times


2 responses to “My first R program”

  1. A log-linear model (log of realm, which from context I suspect is seconds rather than minutes and so perhaps should be “reals”, versus size) would come closer, but I suspect would still not be right (residuals would likely exhibit a pattern).

    1. Yes, “realm” is seconds: guess I should just fiddle with that transform to fix that. And, yes, does look like a log linear one to me too – though with the issues you suggest. I might have to cite you in my MSc project if you keep this up 🙂

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