Need for speed

Perl oneliner: 75% CPU?
Image by richardmasoner via Flickr

I think – at least I hope – that I now have a good Groovy codebase for analysing my lackeyml files – but it also is slow.

The current run has been going for 2440 minutes of CPU time on a dual core Athlon (1.8GHz) box – and it is multithreaded so it is making better than normal use of resources. I estimate it has another 800 minutes of CPU time till completion, so I won’t see the output tonight – and I am left hoping that it doesn’t crash before then.

So, I have splashed out on renting a very high end server for a couple of months. Not up and running yet, but I am looking forward to it: I guess it might crush the 36 hours or so of wall clock time this run is taking to maybe 2 – 3 hours, but I will have to see.

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