Linux 3.0-rc1 deb packages for you to try

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After a whole day of struggling with some very flaky technology and an 11 year old laptop, I have now built (cross-compiled to i386, in fact) and booted a working linux 3.0 kernel – if you want to try them as Debian packages (caveat emptor of course) then you can download them from here (slow link, be warned):

These are built for my use – so if you want some other features you’ll have to build your own. They come from a bog standard kernel – follow the link from if you want the sources.

The flakiness was nothing to do with the kernel but the hardware, and as I need to low spec laptop for my MSc project, so I guess I will have to suffer for my art.

Update: Now with (some) networking support – indeed I am typing this update on a Linux 3.0-rc1 machine, which must make this one of the world’s first Linux 3 blogs.

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