Linux 3.0

Red Hat Linux 7.0
Image by Pitel via Flickr

Ten years ago next week I booted my first Linux machine – Labour had just won its second landslide and I had a few days off work after the election and so went out and bought a PC from the late lamented Morgan Computers and – dear reader, pity my naivety – paid about £50 or so for a boxed copy of Red Hat Linux 7.0 (still cheaper than the alternative).

I didn’t really know anything about Linux beyond a few basic shell commands and it was a steep learning curve. But I have never looked back.

Today I have just updated my git repository as I work on setting up my project and have been shocked to see that Linus Torvalds has baptised the latest version of the kernel 3.0-rc1 – my version of Red Hat was the first they had released as a 2.4 series kernel.

Onwards and upwards.


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