So, the world did not end after all

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About three hours ago (or two, if God ignored summer time), the world was supposed to have ended and the “Rapture” begun. Big yucks to all of us sceptics, of course.

(Around twenty years ago a film called “Rapture” was released which focused on the bizarre beliefs of people who thought the world was about to end, but in a final plot twist the world did end.)

But why the interest in this subject at all? This blog has an article about a near-Earth approach of an asteroid next month jokily titled “the end is nigh” – but it has been generating growing traffic as the date comes closer.

It’s amazing that people use tools created by the scientific enlightenment – like their computers and the internet – to search for things which can only be based on that science being wrong in just about every particular.

So – for the record. Yes, the world will end. Maybe we humans will “end” it by killing each other in a massive nuclear war, though that’s less likely than it once was, thankfully.

Possibly it will “end” (in the sense that human civilisation will collapse) because of an asteroid strike, but no sign of that at present – though there will be a threat in time, I am sure.

Possibly it will end because of some extremely rare but possible event (the Earth being swept by a gamma ray burst from a reasonably close supernova) but the odds against that are also slim, to say the least.

Maybe our theory of physics is all wrong and, say, quantum reality will undergo a phase change. Two thoughts about that: our physics theory says it won’t happen and even it did we’d never know as the phase change would surely propagate at the speed of light.

So – will we last till the Sun turns into a red giant and swallows the Earth in a few billion years. Probably not, but that’s too far in the future to worry about.



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