How can I do this in XSLT?

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I have a very simple (single relation) database, of news stories that I export to xml, so I get something like this:

<top>This is a story </top>
<summary>Some summary of the story</summary>
<full_text>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed pharetra sagittis risus a ultrices. In a lectus eu nunc scelerisque gravida ac elementum felis. Phasellus. </full_text>

And so on….

What I want to do is use an XSL stylesheet to convert this into some HTML where the top line is printed, then the summary and then a link to the full text, which is at the bottom of the document.

Writing the XSL that will extract the top line and the summary is easy, but how can I get a link to what is, in effect, some appended text at the end of the document? Is it even possible?

I have a huge and authoritative tome on XSLT  – XSLT: Mastering XML Transformations. For Beginners and Advanced Users – which I will now consult, but anyone know before I delve in?


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