Further thoughts on “Natty Narwhal”

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There are six computers in the house running Ubuntu (two are laptops) so there still a few more upgrades to go, but the process is underway (caching makes subsequent upgrades much faster).

The good news is that the upgrade to one machine – usually run as a headless email/web/squid server fixed a few configuration problems there, so not everything is bad.

The most annoying things remain (in no particular order) with Unity:

1. Lost the applets from the desktop. Knowing the temperature outside was occasionally useful and knowing the CPU temperature could sometimes be a pointer to a runaway process on the box.

2. Not being able to switch desktops with a single mouse click.

3. Not being able to see what applications I am running.

4. Not being to switch applications  with a single mouse click.

Maybe all these are fixable?

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