More computing nostalgia

I stumbled across this collection of covers of “Practical Computing” – or as they styled it Practical Comp\mu ting – a really great magazine from the early days of “microcomputers” in the UK.

It used to have articles which were a bit more scientific and investigatory than others – I particularly remember one talking about how to describe n-dimensional space in a program.

I particularly remember these covers/issues – some of which still look great to me today, thirty years on. I desperately wanted to run the US presidential election program here too, but it used elements of the BASIC language that I simply could not work out how to substitute for from the ZX80’s limited vocabulary (back then most things were targeted at the variety of BASIC found on a Commodore PET).

October 1980 Practical Computing(NB as I recall the junior minister was Kenneth Baker).

Practical Computing November 1980

Hmmm… Fast Fourier Transforms….

Practical Computing December 1980

And finally – I remember thinking this was a stunning image:

Practical Computing January 1981

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