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Conway's Game of Life
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The one piece of programming I have ever done that I am most proud of is a lump of Z80 machine code I wrote in 1981 to run “Conway’s Game of Life” for the ZX80 in the school Easter holidays.

Users could set the start up pattern and then let it run – though it could not be stopped once started, though as I used an interrupt service routine to display the screen it didn’t suffer from the grey screen problem (“fast mode” for you johnnie-come-latelys with your ZX81s).

I loved watching the patterns move and whirl across the screen and even though the only way I could get this to restart was to switch the computer off and on and reload the program from tape, I did it over and over again.

I just wish I had the code still… but at least I can still play the game with this great little java applet.

Author: Adrian McMenamin

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