Time to ditch Firefox?

The results of the Acid3 test on Google Chrome 4.0
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Just about every internet user, even if they have never used Firefox, owes the Mozilla Foundation an enormous amount for the creation of Firefox.

It’s injection of competition back into the mass browser market stimulated a new drive towards standards and speed that has made a huge difference to all users: Internet Explorer 6 came out in 2001 and languished, largely unimproved until Firefox’s success finally prompted a new version of IE, in 2006 and since then competition has been fierce.

But is Firefox really up to it any more? I have just tried the javascript bench marks on http://jsbenchmark.celtickane.com and my copy of Firefox (it is still my browser of choice at home) scored just 89 on average over 10 runs. Google Chrome managed 313 on the same box (a now quite old Pentium D).

And, of course, Chrome is more standards compliant. It doesn’t quite smoothly progress to 100/100 on the Acid 3 test – but it does get there, while my version of Firefox only manages 94/100.

2 thoughts on “Time to ditch Firefox?

  1. Firefox over Chrome? Hmm. What has been the decision about Opera browser in recent years? I have not warmed that browser up in a years time which would be about the beginning of seeing Chrome climb in use. Just thought I would ask this question of you and await your reply. Thank you for you time in this little matter while I will stay with Firefox and not worry about the speed race of Chrome.

  2. Despite what I wrote above I am still mainly using FF: saved passwords, bookmarks, familiarity and all that. But Chrome does strike me as better in many ways.

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