Did not quite waste the whole weekend

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I vowed not to write about politics here, so I won’t. But the Irish election proved an exciting distraction all weekend. Still, I did manage to get somethings done:

  • Fitted a new graphics card on the machine I am using now (the previous one seemed to simply die when I tried to access the “Power Mizer” facilities on the card – Linux users of the nvidia proprietary drivers be warned;
  • Fitted a new heat sink on my kids’ Linux box – they will no longer have the excuse they have to use this (my) computer because theirs has died from overheating (plus they have about 5000 more MIPS on their machine anyway);
  • Wrote to the users of the Inkling prediction market I had started on Vladimir Romanov’s P=NP proposal to tell them it was dead (for now). I doubt many were surprised – the market rated the chances of his “proof” being correct as 0.09% when I cashed it out.
  • Started reading Alone in Berlin
  • And last, but by no means least, actually completed a draft of my MSc proposal. I’ll have to read through the text looking for spelling errors and fix up all the references (I discovered the ability to import from BibTeX via uses of Google Scholar this weekend so no more typing by hand).

I am really pleased about that last one. The Irish election results weren’t so bad either.