Found my copy of “Basic Computer Games”

a tic tac toe game
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This book – Basic Computer Games – is now, justly, regarded as classic and my brother (don’t tell him I have got it) and I spent many evenings and weekends typing in the code from it into our ZX80 and later a Spectrum.

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Pristine copies are said to sell for many hundreds of pounds, though so many were sold at the time that second-hand copies are very cheap.

Right now I have a coursework exercise of writing a game – what I used to call exie-ohsies, but in England is called “noughts and crosses” and in the US “tic-tac-toe” – in the Groovy programming language.

There is a tic-tac-toe program in the book and I wonder if it would be practical to reimplement that in Groovy (suitably acknowledged of course)?

Update: having looked more closely at the assignment I don’t think the BASIC code will fit too well. A pity, because it might have been fun.



  1. I remember back in the day, going to my local library & seeing loads of program your own games books for the zx81 & then later the Spectrum and taking home 3 of them every trip. I used to spend hours typing in the BASIC just to get a free game 🙂

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