Never used a punch card

Sinclair ZX80
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But I have seen them in use – at my (high) school in London in 1979/1980 people doing the computer science ‘O’ level had to punch these out for BASIC programs and send them off site to see if they would run.

Back then any sort of permanent storage seemed like a luxury – my first “micro”, a Sinclair ZX80 was meant to store programs on tape (I now understand the science of the whistles, it’s only taken me some 30 years to get round to that) but the machine was very fussy about the link and so some times it was quicker – if no less frustrating – to simply retype the programs: even the longer ones, though the ZX80 had only 1K of memory without an expansion pack, from this book (our bible at the time) – Basic Computer Games

Thirty years ago, for Christmas 1980, my parents bought me a new cassette player and the world of permanent storage began to open up.

Happy new year to all.