Here we go again

I used to have a blog. It was meant to be about “politics and free software” (not the politics of free software) but ended up being mainly about politics. I wrote the last entry on that in January 2008 and subsequently took it off line (the content is still on my server at home and it was amusing to read it again just now, but it’s not going back up).

My politics haven’t changed – so if you want to do something to make Britain a better place to live I still recommend you start here.

But I am not going to write about politics here. The geeky title ought to give the game away – this one is about computing (and, I suppose, mathematics to an extent).

My inspiration came from this: generally speaking I am in the n – log(n) part of this matrix and while I am not interested in pursuing a career in computing I am passionate about improving my skills and competency, so the comment that a log(n) programmer “maintains a blog in which personal insights and thoughts on programming are shared”, left me with little choice.

Of course I’ll actually have to demonstrate some insights and thoughts too.

Author: Adrian McMenamin

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